Emily and Steven get married at The Reserve in Birmingham, Michigan

Emily and Steven were just the perfect couple and the perfect wedding at The Reserve in Birmingham, Michigan. Usually, I have them tell me a little bit about their love story and I tell it in my own words but when Emily sent me a link to their love story, I just couldn't change anything. So here is a good old copy and paste of their amazing love story. 

"They weren't set up by mutual friends. They didn't meet at the grocery store reaching for the same carton of milk. No, Steven and Emily met the way many couples do nowadays: online.


In December 2015, Steven and Emily went on their first date. He picked her up in his black Jeep Compass and they drove to the Trail of Lights, an outdoor Christmas lights show in downtown Austin, Texas. The night consisted of hot cocoa drinks, sticky funnel cakes and awkward ferris wheel rides.

Several dates later, Steven and Emily parted ways, losing touch. Steven was deployed to Camp Leatherneck in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. They truly didn't think they'd ever see one another again.

In October of 2016, Emily received a message from one of Steven's soldiers in Afghanistan. He told her how Steven couldn't stop talking about her to his platoon overseas. Blushing, Emily reached out to Steven. And they picked right back up where they left off.

The following months were full of early morning FaceTime dates, confusing time zone conversions, and waiting games for the day Steven returned to Texas.

When Steven got back from deployment—December 11, 2016 to be exact—he took her, again, to the Trail of Lights (this time, though, no awkward ferris wheel rides).

Steven and Emily's relationship became more and more serious over the next several months: They made trips to Atlanta, DC and Michigan. They met each other's family, friends and coworkers. They started attending the same church and serving in the Kids' Ministry together.

And on December 15, 2017, Steven took Emily to the Trail of Lights a third time (we swear, he can come up with other date ideas!), and asked her to marry him.

Emily said yes after a few "OMG!s"