Daisy and Donta's Wedding in Detroit, MI and Livonia, MI

Daisy and Donta were so much fun to work with! We went from an adorable church in Detroit, Michigan to Burton Manor in Livonia, Michigan. I have always tried to write the love story myself but I'm not the best writer so I've just started asking my clients to tell me all the details in their own words! Here's what they said:

"Donta and I were platonic friends for 9 years before we started dating. During our friendship, we both were attracted to one another but never really pursued a relationship. This year marks 2 years of us being in a relationship together! Time has flown!

Donta proposed to me on April 27th after my graduation from Oakland University with my masters degree. In February we'd gone "looking" but unbeknownst to me he went back the next week to buy the ring. The ring is so special to us because when we saw it, we both fell in love with it immediately. It was a real "moment". He proposed in front of all of our close family. It was the most beautiful and life changing moment I'd ever experienced. When we went shopping for our outfits for my graduation I had no idea that the color scheme would be our wedding colors. 

 What we love most about our relationship is that it is built on friendship. We wake up daily excited to pursue life together." 

This couple just radiated love and you can totally see their friendship and love shine through. I wish you guys nothing but happiness!