Copyright Vs. Print Release

I think the number one question I get asked is "will I get the Copyrights to my photos?". Most people don't really understand what they are actually asking for. There is a difference between Copyright and Print Release.  When you ask that question, I think it's safe to say that you most likely mean that you want the Print Release to your photos. You want to know if you can print these photos wherever you'd like one you get them. The answer with my business is YES! Once you get those digital files from your wedding, feel free to print wherever you'd like! I recommend printing through me since I go through a professional lab but I won't stop you from printing elsewhere! 

Michigan Portrait Photographer

A copyright would mean that I, the photographer, would hand over all the rights to the photographs to you, the client. It would mean that I no longer owned the photos. I can no longer use them on social media, advertising, promotions, etc, without your permission. W For the most part, that's not what people mean when they ask for a copyright. They just want to be able to print their photos off whenever, wherever! There are some clients that truly do want the copyright. As with anything, it comes with a cost. Think of it this way, in order to be able to use a song in a video, you have to purchase the rights. This applies with photographs. In order to use the photographs to make a profit, you have to own the copyright! 

I do recommend printing with your photographer though! The quality of images that you will get is going to be much greater then your corner drugstore. If you do choose to print elsewhere, I recommend going through . Their print quality is pretty good and their pricing is awesome as well! 

Hopefully, this clears it up some of the confusion that there might be. Feel free to ask any questions at all!!