Natasha and Ian's Wedding in Westland, Michigan

Natasha and Ian have known each other since they were sophomore's in High School! They were extremely good friends all through high school but it wasn't until College that the sparks started to fly. They are the perfect example of "marrying your best friend". You can tell that these two are just totally in love. They didn't care about anything else but being together. I think everything could have gone wrong and they would totally be okay with it as long as they got to marry each other. Of course the day went perfectly!

Being a Michigan Wedding Photographer, I love getting to see all of these different venues from all over. Each venue has something unique to offer! The Hellenic Cultural Center was a cool place in Westland, Michigan that I had never been to! 

It was negative freezing outside as Michigan graced us with the Michigan winters but Natasha and Ian and their awesome bridal party still said yes to going outside. We FROZE our faces off but it was TOTALLY worth it. Natasha wore her snow boots outside and I loved it! 

Check out some of their photos from their kick ass day!